I moved here to the United States 10 years ago, and together with my actual wife we put together all the information we could in order to apply for my green card right after we got married.

Thinking that it was gonna be easy and take a short time to get it, we started the process without any help, and it was after a year and some months that I got a letter back from immigration denying my petition. We look for lawyers specialized in Immigration (three of them), and the three of them said pretty much the same: it was gonna be a long process and no hope to get it sooner than 6 months if ever.

We finally made an appointment with lawyer Annette Brigsted, and all the disillusion, discouragement, and darkness, turned into a “bright sky”. Following the steps and providing her all the documentation she asked us for, it didn’t take her any longer than a month and a half to get a hearing for our situation, and another month for me to get my green card at home!!!

We were very impressed for the way she managed every little detail, and how fast she moved. God knows me and my wife are still thanking Him, for putting on our “rocky road” such an amazing lawyer and wonderful person that she is.
Thank you Ms. Brigsted again and may God bless you forever.