If you are seeking legal representation with our law firm, or would like to find out more about your specific situation, please contact Attorney Annette Brigsted at Attorney@BrigstedLaw.com to arrange for a consultation. As we represent clients throughout the United States and abroad, we primarily offer telephone or Skype consultations.

Billing is on a fixed fee basis to assist clients in budgeting their immigration expenses.

In deciding what immigration law firm to use, we want you to consider the following aspects of our unique expertise and skills that has led to our successful Immigration practice:

  • In addition to the proven extensive professional expertise provided by the Law Offices of Annette Brigsted, each team member brings passion for the field of Immigration Law due to their personal or family life experiences with the immigration process. Attorney Annette Brigsted is from Denmark. As an original foreign national, she has experienced the immigration process on a personal level even before she decided to dedicate her professional career to the field of Immigration Law.
  • We are familiar with both sides of the immigration process, and we fully understand and relate to the foreign nationals involved for whom the process is a major life event with substantial consequences for themselves and their immediate family. Our clients remain with us for many years, as we build and nurture a close relationship with every client we represent.



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