I came to Annette with after finding myself in a position of employment I was extremely dissatisfied with. My understanding of things given my visa situation was that it would be difficult or impossible to leave, with the only recourse being to follow through until the end of my contract.

Annette listened patiently and offered suggestions about what to do. We spoke to her a number of times, racking up perhaps over 2 hours of consultation time before she even asked to be placed on retainer so she could officially work on my behalf. She knew much more than the attorneys of a group that was offering to hire me – my case was very unique and difficult, and the other attorneys didn’t really know where to begin.

Annette was extremely thorough and took great pains to make sure everything was in place before turning in the paperwork to make things happen. It was almost anticlimactic when we got the green light from immigrations with no questions asked.

I continued to correspond with Annette even after we got the result we hoped for, for little things that she really didn’t have to be involved in.

You will not regret hiring Annette. She knows exactly what she is doing and will fight for you like family. Her default demeanor is realistic optimism, and will give you options when you might feel there is little or no hope. She will spend so much time with you on the phone that you’ll start wondering if she has time to do anything else after your conversation. I intend to stay in touch with Annette long after my business with her is done. I cannot recommend her highly enough.